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Apple Music and Apple TV: Apps for Windows begin previewing

The Apple Music streaming service is evolving beyond the Apple universe. Because he is standing now Preview application for windows to get rid of them. The same applies too for the Apple TV app. This app not only gives access to the Apple TV+ streaming service, but also to movies and series previously purchased via iTunes. Last but not least, Apple will soon make a new app called “Apple Devices” available for Windows via the Microsoft Store. This application already exists in preview.

Apple had already announced preview versions of Apple Music and Apple TV for Windows in October 2022. So you want to ignore the old iTunes app for Windows. This is why Apple devices are on the scene. This app is intended to be used in the future to sync between iOS and Windows, for example. By the way, there are indeed some interesting surprises hidden in the code.

Apple already offers AR capabilities for iPhones and iPads. A mixed reality headset will be the next step. | Photo: Patrick Schneider

The code refers to the “Reality OS” and “xrOS” operating systems, which have already been leaked in the past. They can power Cupertino’s upcoming mixed reality headset. Currently One assumes thatthat Apple may release a matching wearable device later this year. The announcement is expected in the spring of 2023.

Apple Music and Apple TV for Windows can unlock new target groups

It is clear that Apple is currently trying to expand its customer base and it is opening up. So the preview versions of the Apple Music and Apple TV apps are just one piece of the puzzle. It is said that Apple is also planning variants for Android. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet. However, this step makes sense to us: For AndroidTV You already provide an app for Apple TV.

Of course, there are already apps for Apple TV and Apple Music for macOS, which are similar to the Windows versions.
Of course, there are already apps for Apple TV and Apple Music for macOS, which are similar to the Windows versions. | Photo: Andre Westphal

The new preview apps for Windows appear to look very similar to their macOS counterparts. The customization of the Apple TV is that the navigation is not focused on tabs across the top of the screen, instead the sidebar is for that. The Apple Music app is closer to the macOS version. If you now want to try it: If you are using the preview versions, the iTunes app will not work again until you uninstall the preview apps. So keep this in mind if you’re syncing an iPod, for example.

It’s not yet clear when the final Windows ports for the Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple apps will appear. We recommend that you wait for the preview to finish. If you are willing to experiment and can live with potential bugs and instability, you can of course give it a try.

Do you use Apple Music or Apple TV? Are you looking forward to the Windows versions of apps or are you using macOS anyway?