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Apple M1 chip competition: Qualcomm announces SoC for laptops

The chip design is based on technologies from the acquired startup Nuvia. In this case Qualcomm will not work with ARM. The company is also not interested in developing server processors.

Qualcomm is working on a processor for laptops that will deliver similar performance to Apple’s first desktop CPU, the M1. It was announced by Qualcomm’s new CEO, Cristiano Amon, in one Interview with Reuters a.

However, Qualcomm does not want to rely on collaborating with ARM on this project. In order to be able to prove itself against Apple’s new laptops, his company needs in-house developed chipsets, so so does Amon.

The basis for that is the $1.4 billion acquisition of chip startup Nuvia, which completed in March. With Nuvia, Qualcomm also gained the experience of the company’s founders – former Apple employees who were involved in developing the chip design for the M1 processor.

“We had to get the best performance out of a battery-powered device,” Amon said. “If ARM, which we have worked with for years, develops a better CPU than we can build ourselves, then we always have the option to license from ARM,” Amon said.

Qualcomm will also have its own laptop CPU to help bring 5G modem chips to laptops. The company is already successfully implementing this strategy, which is a combination of processor and modem, in the smartphone segment.

Amon ruled out developing processors for servers. Qualcomm is ready to license designs developed by Nuvia to cloud computing companies. This can then be used to develop his own chips. Qualcomm will then be in direct competition with ARM.