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Apple is hiring Lamborghini managers for Apple’s electric car

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Apple makes a Lamborghini with its electric car

Italian Luigi Taraborrelli will join Apple after 20 years at Lamborghini. No power is more elegant than a 12-cylinder. Apple wants to start the electric car project with him again.

Apple has acquired a Lamborghini veteran. Luigi Taraporelli has worked at Lamborghini for twenty years, most recently in charge of developing the car’s dynamics and chassis. Among other things, he drew body design, but also designed individual components such as suspensions, tires and exhaust. The Italian also participated in the development of assistance systems. For example, he worked on the Lamborghini Urus, Huracan Coupé, and Sterato.

So now he’s moving to Apple, huh Take Crunch mentioned. This indicates that Apple still wants to build an electric car. The car should run completely automatically, without brakes and steering wheel.