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M1-Chips und MacBooks - Apple-Event «Unleashed» zeigt neue Hardware

Apple considers Face ID on a MacBook to be unnecessary

Unlike the iPhone grade, there is no Face ID in the MacBook grade. However, Apple does not feel this is necessary and points to the iPad.

The basics in brief

  • The new MacBook Pro reminds fans around the world of the iPhone because of the notch.
  • Despite the distinctive camera cavity, there is no Face ID nor a touch screen.
  • According to Apple, anyone who wants these features should buy an iPad.

In the “Wall Street magazine » talked about Tom Boger and John Ternus, two big animals at Apple, About MacBooks. Above all, it caters to fans who miss Face ID and touch screens with new laptops. According to Apple, neither is really necessary, after all, there is one for that IPAD.

Apple refers to the iPad as Face ID

When it comes to encryption on a MacBook, Touch ID on the keyboard is more practical anyway, says Boger. First-class MacBook Pro So there is only the webcam, which should remain that way. The same applies to the lack of touch inputs on displays the computer. This will likely come for both jobs IPAD in the question.

John Ternus even talks about “the best touch in the world”.the computer‘, as quoted in “Hess”. Using your keyboard cover comes with a trackpad for example IPAD forefront Too close to your MacBook. In addition, iPadOS is better designed for touch control than macOS.

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