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Apex Legends: The new Newcastle legend has it all!

Apex Legends: The new Newcastle legend has it all!

In Apex Legends: Salvation, you also get a new legend. Respawn has now presented Newcastle and its capabilities in more detail – including the trailer.

Protector of the weak and Harris Valley champion appears for the first time in Newcastle Apex Legends: Salvation – The next big update to hit Battle Royale. But who is the man behind the mask and what is he capable of? The creators of Respawn have now gone into more detail about the skills and are also showing them in action in a trailer.

As defenders of their small town, Newcastle tend to have a more defensive style of play, but their participation in the Apex Games is their biggest challenge yet when it comes to keeping the people of Harris Valley safe. Debuting as the 21st Legend next week, his skills show why the best attack is often strong defense.

Specifically, Newcastle can count on the following skills:

  • Negative – “heal the wounded”: With a recovery shield on his wrist, Newcastle can protect himself and his teammates from the fire as he revives allies and guides them to safety.
  • Tactical – “mobile shield”: Newcastle activates a floating energy shield that adapts to the changing fronts of the battlefield as it advances, securing or repelling a surprise attack from the side.
  • Ultimate – “Castle Wall”: Newcastle pulls his signature shield off his back, jumps into action and knocks him to the ground. This activates the construction of a strong fortress.

Apex Legends: Salvation comes May 10th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Apex Legends – Meet Newcastle Personal Trailer

The following clip of the new update of Apex Legends details the next legend, Newcastle.