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Anxiety in Australia: Is there a risk of a big wave of flu next winter?

In the state of Queensland, the flu vaccine is already provided free of charge.

The state Department of Health warns that cases are doubling every week. This increase started earlier than expected.

Sydney pediatrician Nick Wood recently reported an increase in influenza cases in children: “We certainly see more children under the age of 5 being hospitalized for the flu than we have seen for Covit-19.”

“Looking at the southern hemisphere for Australia, there is a steep and early rise in the influenza wave,” wrote Leif Eric Saunder, director of the Berlin Infectious Diseases Clinic at the University of Charida – on Twitter: “We look forward to working in Germany in the coming autumn / winter.”

Authorities are also concerned that about 600,000 children under the age of two have not been exposed to the influenza virus. And what are the concerns of the elderly there:

The good news: the protective effect of the vaccine is much better than in previous years.

Virologist Monica Redlberger-Fritz wrote in the April Epidemiology report, “Can’t predict how the next season will be, when it will start, which virus will dominate or how severe it will be.” However, one thing can be assumed: “Influenza viruses will be back in circulation, and it will be compatible with the SARS-CoV-2 wave.”