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Antarctica: Rescue of a sick person from a research station

Antarctica: Rescue of a sick person from a research station

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Emergency in Antarctica – Sick researcher rescued

An emergency in one of the most remote places in the world: An icebreaker is supposed to rescue a sick person from a station in Antarctica. Now there is good news.


A researcher at the Casey Research Station in Antarctica is seriously ill.


  • A scientist at the Casey Research Station fell ill.

  • It is not publicly known what disease he suffers from, but he needs treatment.

  • He has now been transferred by helicopter to an icebreaker 144 kilometers away.

Successful rescue mission in one of the most remote places in the world: Australian icebreaker arrives at Casey Research Station in Antarctica She brought a sick person on board after a long voyage. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) quoted a spokesman for the Australian government agency Antarctic Division (AAD) as saying on Monday that the RSV Nuyina was now on its way back to Hobart on the Australian island of Tasmania, thousands of kilometers away.

On Sunday, the ship broke through the sea ice and reached a location 144 kilometers from Casey. “As soon as the ship arrived nearby, two helicopters took off from the helicopter deck,” she said in a statement. “After a nearly hour-long flight, helicopters arrived at Casey and picked up the expedition member.”

The icebreaker traveled 3,400 kilometers to Antarctica

The icebreaker left Hobart at the end of last August and headed to the Australian research station, about 3,400 kilometers away, after one of the people stationed there fell ill. the The person needs a specialized medical examination The AAD announced that it should be taken care of in Australia.

At first, no other details about his health were known. They said that all other participants in the flight were in good condition. The sick person at RSV Nuyina is now being cared for by polar paramedics and medical staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The Casey Research Station is located approximately 3,380 kilometers south of Perth. It is the closest permanent station in Antarctica to Australia. While about 150 expedition participants live there in the summer, there are only about 20 people there in the winter.

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