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Another way in the spotlight: Elendt trains in the US - Sport

Another way in the spotlight: Elendt trains in the US – Sport

– At short distances, things are not so rosy in German swimming. Anna Elendt is on her way to change that. At the age of twenty, she gained recognition by competition.

Suddenly Anna Elendt becomes someone and she enjoys it. The pro world at least knows what to do with her name and she has also been on the radar of the international competition since this year.

SG Frankfurt swimmer broke German records in the 50, 100 and 200 meters breaststroke.

“People were asking who this Texan girl actually was,” Elendt said, beaming that she had not yet been recognized as German. As a result of her studies in the USA and her membership in the very strong coaching group Carol Capitani at the University of Texas.

Elendt: “It’s great to be noticed now.”

But it is now known. “Some of the stars of the scene, who have never greeted me before, are now naturally speaking to me,” Elendt said, adding, “I think it’s great to be noticed now.”

For this to happen in Germany, the 20-year-old has to take part in the World Championships in Budapest. As of 2019, your best World Cup result is a 7th place over 50m on your chest. “The focus this time is on the 100m for me,” said Elendt. “I want to see how I’ve improved and what I can achieve in direct comparison with the best in the world.” In the past few weeks, she has laid the foundations for this at her home in Frankfurt, with training plans from the USA.

The player mentioned that there are still a few construction sites in need of work, which is also seeing a jump in performance in training under Capitani. “Conditions in Germany are not bad, but the support in the United States is very different. Everything you need is made possible. And you train with 25 girls who have the same goals. It’s a very professional job,” he said.

Berkhan: “Good training in Germany”

National long-distance coach Bernd Berkhan is satisfied with Elendt’s development, but doesn’t see her trajectory abroad as generally forward-looking for the German Swimming Federation. “There is good training mainly in Germany. But there is a lack of taking athletes to the top of the world,” Berkhan said.

Elendt does not want to commit himself to specific goals in Budapest. “I want to take it easy,” she said, “the self-imposed employment goals are not good.” “I want to get as close as possible to my best times and confirm my level. We’ll see what’s good for him.”

Elendt will definitely be visible because of her extravagant nail polish, which she is already famous for on the scene. “They’re probably going to glow blue in Budapest. They’re in my pink suit,” Elendt said before her first appearance on Sunday.