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Another stabbing attack in Australia – targeting a church

Another stabbing attack in Australia – targeting a church


Another stabbing attack in Sydney – this time at a church

Two days after a series of knife attacks by a criminal in Sydney, another attack took place today.

Police responded to another stabbing attack in the Australian metropolis of Sydney on Monday. New South Wales Police said on the X (formerly Twitter) site that officers were on duty in the suburb of Wakeley following reports that several people had been stabbed. A man who cooperated with authorities was arrested. There was talk of “wounded”. The injuries were not life-threatening and were treated on site by emergency services.

According to media reports, the incident took place in a Christian church. Video footage posted online, which the BBC said was taken from a live broadcast of a church service, showed a man approaching the priest during the service and hitting him, as bystanders rushed to intervene. It is not known what substance he used. (dpa)