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Another fake fountain pen at the Hamburg City Hall?

Another fake fountain pen at the Hamburg City Hall?

King Charles III’s three-day visit to Germany and Camilla is slowly drawing to a close. Yesterday, the royal couple traveled from Berlin to Hamburg on ICE. Throughout their stay, the two of them have always been very meticulous.

Due to construction work, ICE was three minutes late. However, the royal guests made it to their next date on time. According to Bild, King Charles and Camilla reportedly bought their own train ticket.

Arriving in Hamburg, we went to the first place we visit: the memorial “Children’s Carriage – Last Farewell”. It commemorates the predominantly Jewish children who were sent to Great Britain during the Nazi era. Most of the time, they did not see their relatives who were left behind.

Shock moment: it happens to King Charles III. Another filler for faux bass?

Later in the afternoon we went to the Hamburg City Hall, where Charles and Camilla signed the Golden Book of the City. Did King Charles face another catastrophe with the pen?

Early in September 2022, when signing the guest book for Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, the King lost his temper. When his fountain pen started to smudge, Charles got upset. Fortunately, he was spared one more filler this time.

Later, the royal couple waved to the cheering crowd from the balcony of the town hall. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the City Hall to catch a glimpse of the British royal family.