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Another assignment of coach Robin Trabert is U19 at OFC

Another assignment of coach Robin Trabert is U19 at OFC

Robin Trabert

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U19 coach Robin Trabert and Kickers Offenbach have expanded their collaboration. The coach of A-Juniors Bundesliga takes on another task.

Offenbach – The praise comes from the top. “Robin knows the age groups and the level of the league very well.” Alfred Kaminski, president of the Offenbacher Kickers Performance Center, says, “He has a clear philosophy that suits the club perfectly, and he brings the boys close with full passion.” This is Robin Trabert, the U19 coach of Oceania who plays in the German Bundesliga.

So it’s no wonder the 28-year-old has been extended from contract. He even got an extra mission.

“For the new season, Robin will also manage the sports district for the performance,” says Kaminski, a Mainz native, who is entering his fourth season in Oceania. He’s even fifth in the German junior division, if you add time in the Stuttgart Kickers and Karlsruheer. “As a coach, he accompanied some of the talents who are now playing in the first or second league,” says Kaminski, citing Sava-Arangel Cestic (1. FC Cologne), Mario Suver (1. FC Nuremberg), Jannis Rabold and Marlon as examples of Danger. (Both are Karlsruer SC).

Trabert himself is happy about “confidence in my work” and confirms: “We are in the U-19 first division for the third year in a row. It is very exciting to develop the children at the highest level.” (From Christian Duncher)