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Announcing the Super Bowl full of electric cars, Polestar with Tesla digs >

Announcing the Super Bowl full of electric cars, Polestar with Tesla digs >

The Super Bowl on the second weekend of February every year is not just an important event for football fans: even the numerous advertisements during the final in the US national sport can be attractive, because the companies behind it are making a special effort in light of the big event . Already in 2020 there have been a lot of creative ads for electric cars during breaks — not from Tesla, of course, but CNBC reported it Half of the NFL is obsessed with its electric cars Probably. More came in 2021, and Polestar was, at least, the first all-electric car maker to attend this year’s Super Bowl — and seized the pricey opportunity to dig into Tesla (Updated, see below).

Electric vehicle patches from General Motors, Nissan, Kia and BMW

The Super Bowl 56 game was played Sunday night at SoFi Stadium in California between the home team Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. Domestic Rams eventually prevailed with 23 to 20 points. Part of it was a major halftime musical show, and those who wanted the 30-second ad while the TV show aired are said to have paid a record $7 million this year, according to reports. According to NBC Radio, all of this year’s Instant Spot has been sold out, mostly to companies from the automotive, technology and travel sectors.

In this regard, one can also assume that Tesla is one of them, but the company stubbornly does not spend any money on classic advertising. In its place, Polestar made its debut this year during television events, also as a manufacturer of purely electric vehicles. Unlike other advertisers, the Swedish-Chinese brand has not previously offered its Super Bowl spot. Instead, there was initially only a short preview in which Polestar listed what not to see in it. to update: It stayed that way: Polestar stuck to its symbol “No…” and mentioned, among other things, “No Mars invasion,” which of course should be understood as digging into Tesla with its CEO Elon Musk, Who almost accidentally populate the distant planet with SpaceX Wants. The spot ends with “No concessions” and then shows Polestar 2.

As in the previous year, General Motors (GM) will be present at Super Bowl 2022 with an electric car squad. The company is again working with real stars and a sense of humor: Dr. Evil is still angry, but mostly due to the fact that the world is no longer afraid of him, but of climate change, which is why he wants to save her now. Of course they are available for this General Motors’ new electric vehicles with the Ultium platform battery Developed with LG Energy Solution.

In place for this year’s football final, Nissan shows firsthand the balancing act in which well-known manufacturers, as opposed to purely electric vehicle suppliers such as Tesla or Polestar, have stuck: the Japanese brand shows what its new Z combustion engine racer can do, the event however After this demo, the champs get closer to the Nissan Ariya, the brand’s all-wheel drive electric vehicle. In addition, the place is socially modern, because the front row of Ariya is then occupied by two colleagues instead of the actor.

Also from Asia, Kia participates in the football scene, unlike Nissan, but only with electricity – and with a robot dog. He is waiting for a new master and is looking for a Kia EV6. After chasing the electric car (like many SUV’s) it ran out of power. But fortunately The EV6 provides an optional intake from its batteryWith its help, the driver can revive the robotic animal. After that they drive through the city together (see photo).

Finally, BMW is trying to be less attractive, but with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a funny way. He plays Zeus, who plans to retire to California, but his ability to send lightning strikes constantly gets in his way. Only in the iX, which Salma Hayek places as Hera puts her in front of his door, will he find happiness and peace – especially since he can still turn traffic lights green thanks to his divine ability. Finally, BMW fades into its old American logo “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, stretched out by the word “Electric” in the middle.

So, as you can see in the Super Bowl and without a live appearance from Tesla, times are changing. However, Toyota remains cautious when it comes to electric vehicles. Although the world’s largest automaker is handling two locations in this year’s Super Bowl, none of them revolve around the onslaught of electric vehicles that Toyota at the end of December with 30 new models by the end of 2030 announced.