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Anja Zeidler laughs at Gafferin when she's engaged: 'She didn't draw a face'

Anja Zeidler laughs at Gafferin when she’s engaged: ‘She didn’t draw a face’

Anya Zeidler and her partner Milan Anisic got engaged while on vacation in Turkey. The influencer laughs at the special “highlight” on the app.

The basics in brief

  • Milan Anisic proposed to Anya Zeidler after three years of relationship.
  • During the Turkey holidays, the man from Lucerne suddenly fell to his knees.
  • Funny: the two were closely watched by a tourist.

In this romantic show, no one stays eye Dry – one might think…

After three years of relationship, influencer Anja Zeidler (29) and Milan Anicic (26) are engaged.

on me Instagram splits Lucerne woman The romantic surprise show presented by a loved one with around 260 thousand fans. She wrote: “I said yes.”

During his vacation in Turkey, Milan romantically gets on his knees, pulls out the ring and asks Anja all the questions. She sigh falls 26 years In her arms and kiss to the applause and cheers of other tourists.

Have you ever received an order?

Anja Zeidler laughs at Javerin

Only one person isn’t impressed: a bikini-clad woman lying on a deck chair and watching the app. Much fun Anja Zeidler.

The vegetarian-The influencer laughs: “Everyone made an effort to get out of the way, and clapped and congratulated and cheered. And she remained, without moving her face, lying next to us as hard as a rock. She did not smile even for a moment.”

But she is not angry with the tourist because she spoiled her engagement video. “She is my hero and she made a very special show.”

Anja Zeidler and Milan Anisic have been married since July 2019. They have a daughter, Gila (2), Born January 28, 2020. The little girl was there when her parents got engaged.

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