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Anger and resentment in Britain

Just before the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, the environmental debate in Great Britain is boiling. In the UK waste water is allowed over the sea.

Briefly essential

  • In the UK, the environmental debate begins shortly before COP26.
  • The British Parliament did not ban the discharge of sewage into the sea.
  • Many on social media would have reacted angrily and angrily.

A few days ago Climate conference COP26 in Glasgow heats up environmental debate in the UK. The reason is that the UK Parliament refused to accept what was not filtered Sewage drainage Prohibition on seas and rivers. On social media, many responded with anger and resentment, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

Earlier, The Government Sewage treatment plants are not allowed Fully purified waste water Can be discarded. Because of the shortage of truck drivers, the required chemicals are not available. Government sources have denied the allegations.

But the title has not yet come to the table

Only 22 MPs from the ruling Conservative Party By Prime Minister Boris Johnson Voted to amend the Environmental Law. This would have made water companies legally obligated not to discharge sewage into rivers. The “Mail” points out that Environment Minister George Eustis told MPs to reject it. “Just days ago Boris Johnson Welcomes World Leaders to the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow.

The title has not yet come to the table: the House of Lords in the British Parliament wants a new one poll Force in the House of Commons. Last year, untreated wastewater was discharged more than 400,000 times across the country. According to activists, this is why bathing is not recommended in many areas, especially in the southeast of England.

Only 14 per cent of rivers in the UK are currently certified as ecologically good. In Glasgow on Sunday (October 31), about 200 countries will discuss compliance with Paris climate goals.

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