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Angelique Beldner on her August 1st.  "For me, the most Swiss place is...".

Angelique Beldner on her August 1st. “For me, the most Swiss place is…”.

Chatting on a clear schedule, this voice connects SRF journalist Angelique Beldner to Switzerland.

SRF / Oscar Alessio

Can ‘Tageschau’ announcer Angelique Bildner sing the national anthem – and what’s the usual Swiss thing about it? The native of Bern talks about Switzerland in an interview on August 1st.

You are on vacation abroad on the 1st of August this year. Do you celebrate the first of August there?

Angelique Beldner: I think it’s nice to celebrate August 1st when I’m home. Abroad, maybe I’m forgetting about the national holiday a bit.

Can you sing the national anthem?

I just tried to sing it to myself…I managed to come up with the phrase “Pray, liberate the Swiss, pray.” So, about halfway through the first clip…

Celebrating August 1st, Are You Still Up-to-Date or Old-Fashioned?

Celebrating a national day is a beautiful thing. It is a ritual, and the ritual also has something that binds us together. I think this is something of great value.

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Introduction to Angélique Beldner SRF 2021 Copyright: SRF / Oscar Alessio

SRF / Oscar Alessio

The 46-year-old has been working in Swiss television since 2015, directing the “Tagesschau” and since 2020 the competition program “1 gegen 100”. Summer has turned black» It is her first work, Angelique Beldner / Martin R. Dean, 192 pages, Kampa Verlag, 28 Father Angelique Beldner lives with her family in Bern.

Where is the most Swiss place in the country?

When I stand on top of a mountain and look at the wonderful panorama, it is a Swiss habit. But when I’m in Oerlikon, where I work, it’s as usual in Switzerland. I appreciate diversity. This is what makes our country unique.

What scent do you associate with Switzerland?

Personally, I love the wonderful smell of a barbecue fire. I feel at home there.

What sound?

Clear flow chatter.

What usually sets you apart in Switzerland – and do you like that trait?

I am reliable and meticulous (I admit – mostly just on time). I’m not particularly spontaneous, which sometimes bothers me myself, and I don’t want to claim that this lack of spontaneity is a typical Swiss thing. But in Switzerland there is perhaps a little more understanding than in countries where spontaneity is simply a part.

What is the Swiss world champion?

I’ve never been to a country where there is less street trash than here.

What do you want from Switzerland on the first of August?

I hope we are aware of the wonderful country in which we are allowed to live and that everyone realizes that they are doing their part to ensure it stays that way. I think it’s okay to celebrate once a year.

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