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Angelina Jolie gives the voice of the Afghan girl on Instagram

Angelina Jolie gives the voice of the Afghan girl on Instagram

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is new to Instagram – with a clear mission. The 46-year-old actress wants to give young Afghan women a voice through social media. “Right now, people in Afghanistan are missing out on the opportunity to communicate and express themselves freely through social media,” Jolie wrote in her first Insta-Post. You can see a handwritten letter from a young Afghan woman that was sent to her.

“Our dreams are shattered”

In the emotional letter, the student says that she can no longer go to school and is afraid of the Taliban: “I am a young girl from Afghanistan. I live in Afghanistan and before the Taliban came we could go to work and school. We had rights and had the opportunity to defend our rights, but when they came The Taliban we were afraid of them and we thought all our dreams were shattered.”

“I was on the Afghan border two weeks before 9/11, meeting Afghan refugees who were fleeing the Taliban,” Jolie wrote on Instagram. I will not turn away from them and look for ways to help them. I hope you’ll accompany me.”

Julie’s account goes through the roof

Angelina Jolie’s Instagram post quickly got more than two million likes, and the account already has more than five million followers. Jolie has been an advocate for human rights for 20 years. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees granted her the status of a Special Envoy.