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Angela Ermakova spoke out after the conviction of Boris Becker

Former tennis player Boris Becker, 54, is facing a prison sentence for delaying bankruptcyAfter he was found guilty of four out of 24 counts by a London court. His ex-affair with Angela Ermakova (54), with whom Becker gave birth to a daughter, Anna Ermakova (22), now speaks frankly.

Baker walks through the media without comment

After judgment: Baker walks through the media without comment(00:22)

“I know from my own experience what it feels like to be humiliated in public. Public humiliation in and of itself is a very cruel punishment,” the model tells Bild, indirectly referring to the many criticisms leveled at her about her relationship with the athlete. “The fact that someone was at the height of Success earlier means that the fall is more painful, because the deeper a person falls, the more painful the fall. And Boris had to fall from a very great height.”