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Andy Roddick is confident.  "We'll see Roger Federer back on the pitch."

Andy Roddick is confident. “We’ll see Roger Federer back on the pitch.”

Andy Roddick and Roger Federer have played a number of historic matches against each other.

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Roger Federer’s comeback is still long lasting. Many fans fear the Swiss will never return to the Tour. Andy Roddick is encouraging them now.

In the summer, it was exactly one year since Roger Federer entered the tennis court in a serious fight. At Wimbledon in 2021, he was eliminated in three sets in the quarter-final against Hubert Hurkacz of Poland. At the time, Federer couldn’t say how things would go.

In total, the Swiss played just five tournaments last year after undergoing two knee surgeries in 2020. After coming out in the sacred Wimbledon park, he finally decided to have a third operation. Since then he has been taking things slow. Federer is not urging his return and has not expressed any concrete plans. He wants to listen to his body. Just like he’s always done in his career.

Quick steps in rehabilitation

Federer has confirmed several times that he wants to quit on the tennis court and not at a press conference. He fights for this every day and is very motivated. “I feel supported by my team and my family. We all want me to say goodbye on my terms,” Federer said a few months ago.

The question remains how realistic it is to return after all the physical interventions. After all, the latest Instagram photos and videos give you hope that a comeback is really close. Federer can be seen there doing his running exercises, as he also makes a good impression from the point of view of his former rival Andy Roddick. “We’ll see him back on the court. He wouldn’t publish something like that if he wasn’t confident in his recovery,” Roddick told Tennis Channel.

Back in the fall looks realistic

Federer certainly won’t be enough for the claycourt season. Participation in Wimbledon is also somewhat questionable. However, Federer has now scored in the Laver Cup, which takes place in September. In this regard, it would be quite reasonable that the “Maestro” would also be at the start of the US Open.

Federer currently has enough other commitments anyway. For example, a new video of him with Anne Hathaway surfaced online this week. In this, the two are promoting Swiss tourism and had to learn the hard way that they were no longer the center of attention. Federer will do that at the latest when he comes back for good.