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Android voice auto switching: feature coming soon

Android voice auto switching: feature coming soon

With the launch of Pixel Buds Pro, it is said that Google will finally introduce automatic volume switching for Android soon. This means that Android can finally recognize the resource you want to use – whether it’s your tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook. In addition to the Pixel Buds Pro, other headphones should be compatible as well.

  • Google is working on bringing automatic volume switching to Android devices as soon as the Pixel Buds Pro launches.
  • The feature will also be available on JBL and Sony headphones “in the coming weeks”.
  • The introduction of a head-tracking satellite audio system is scheduled for a software update “later this year”.

More and more headphones and In-ear bluetooth headphones Count on Bluetooth connectivity in 2022. If your Bluetooth devices are compatible, they will soon automatically recognize the audio source you currently need. Switching back and forth should be easily possible via a notification on the respective device. For example, if you are receiving a call on your cell phone, but you are listening to music on your tablet.

Google Pixel Buds Pro will be the first headphones to support automatic volume switching. / © Google

As Google states on its own blog, JBL and Sony headphones will also be able to enjoy this functionality in the “coming weeks”. Sometime in the near future, non-Android devices will also be able to use this feature. However, Google doesn’t talk much about when this will happen. Fast Pair is the key to enable audio toggle and connect headphones and link them to your Google account.

If you want to know exactly how Fast Pair currently works, I recommend it Ben’s review of Beats Studio Buds.

It’s no secret that this feature has been around for a while apple and the AirPods be. Even leading audio company Sony is working with some kind of audio switch. Among other things, it is supported by the best Sony models Sony WH-1000XM5 Sony WF-1000XM4 property.

Do you use your headphones on multiple devices at the same time? If so, would you like to have this feature for Android?