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Android: Turn a website into an app

Android: Turn a website into an app

If there is no web service app or if you want to handle a website in a special way, just turn it into an app yourself. So you have for example b. Your favorite wiki bookmarks in one app without flooding the default browser with tabs and bookmarks.

For a while I’ve been playing a multiplayer game that requires a trip to the browser from time to time: in which areas already discovered should I send a submarine or our guild’s airship to unlock new ones? What time do I have to be in any area to discover a specific crafting resource? And since someone in the chat asks: What quests do you unlock all the housing areas again? This is all information that has been discovered by other players and put into large-scale game wikis. So in the online reference works that are no different from Wikipedia.

the point is: Over time, you accumulate many bookmarks related only to this one game and all on the same wiki. However, in everyday life, the browser must belong to news sites. I don’t want to clutter it up with dozens of games wiki tabs and bookmarks.

Browser vs app

I use a separate browser. Smartphone web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome offer the option to store a link to a website directly on the home screen. We have described how this works for Android and iOS here: «Android / iOS: Link website to home screen».

Disadvantages of this method: A website linked to this method can be opened directly via the link. But this also opens the browser, where other tabs may get in your way if you accidentally scroll horizontally. Secondly, some settings can only be done centrally in the browser; Then these apply to all websites, not just those you open via a link. Third, you cannot teach a real browser which tabs and bookmarks you want to sync between the smartphone and the desktop.

So there must be something else. Something works like an app.