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Android: This is the best app and best mobile game in 2021

Android: This is the best app and best mobile game in 2021


Google chooses the best Android app and the best mobile game from Google Play. These apps were awarded Best of in 2021.

Google chooses the best app and game of the year 2021 (Source: Google)

  • Google chose Best Game and Best App of 2021 in the Google Play Store.
  • The editors also presented top awards in six apps and five game categories.
  • We will tell you which programs won first prize.

google browser Balance was named Best App of 2021. Pokémon UNITE took first place in games. With Balance you learn to meditate and find your inner center, Pokémon UNITE, on the other hand, impressed the jury with its dynamic and cross-platform gameplay.

in a google apps load balance*


in a google apps Download Pokémon UNITE*


In addition to Best App of 2021 and Best Mobile Game, many other apps have been awarded “Best Award” in various categories in the Play Store. We list all the excellent apps below:

Best apps: apps for everyday life

Best of: Self-reflection and self-help apps

Best of: Apps for fun

Best: Insider Tips

Best of: apps for yourself

Best apps for tablets

Best Wear OS Apps

Best of: Google TV Shows

The Google Play Store editorial team has also come up with five categories for games. Here you can see the nominations for the Best Game of 2021:

The best competitive games

The best game changers

Best indie games

Best Pick Up & Play Games

The best games for tablets

Your most popular app

With Users Choice 2021 I voted and named this app and this game is the winner:

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