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Android: Google is preparing to listen to music without interruption

Google is keen to make playing music and podcasts as smooth as possible on Android. about we had Reported as early as mid-2022How Android lets you seamlessly switch between devices when playing media. This function works when different devices are connected via Bluetooth. The classic example is that you are watching or listening to a video on a tablet with headphones, but keep your smartphone connected if you get a call. The technology is based on Fast Pair. as part of CES 2023 Google goes one step further. The possibility of enjoying music and podcasts without interruption on different devices is introduced, again with Android of course.

According to Google More than three billion Android devices are currently in active use. More devices, as before Earphone or Bluetooth headset, for these Android devices. The improvements are already here with the current Android 13 OS. A revised media player on the lock screen and in the notification area allows you to quickly select the content of compatible Bluetooth devices or Chromecast devices to play. So far, this has worked for YouTube and YouTube Music. But throughout the year, this function should also be included in all devices Spotify Connect Collide.

Seamless playback with Spotify Connect will soon be possible via notifications on Android. | Image: Google

Google is also an opportunity for you to enjoy uninterrupted audio content on different devices throughout the day. How is this supposed to work? For example, notifications on Android devices let you start a podcast in the car, continue listening on your smartphone and headphones, and at home on one device. Smart speaker break up.

Android wants to support you intelligently when listening to music

Google’s goal: If you’re moving around, say in a hotel, a media notification on your mobile device will ask if you want to transfer playback to a nearby device. Together with Spotify and Youtube music Google is currently working on new ways to use notifications to suggest which nearby device you can better enjoy your content on.

The manufacturer wants to use not only Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi, but also Ultra Wideband (UWB). The latter can in the future smart home gaining importance. However, only a few devices currently support UWB. Anyway, based on UWB, nearby devices can be detected in the background with little power consumption. It is then possible to activate context-sensitive functions without your intervention. For example, then only music can be played from a file Bluetooth headphones automatically to the lobby speakers and then to the speakers hifi Placed in the living room.

Google Fast Pair already allows for automatic voice switching. | Image: Google

Change should be ‘smart’ as your usage habits can be combined – with intelligence across devices. The underlying structure for new functionality should be existing features such as Fast Pair, Nearby Sharing, and Chromecast built-in Place. According to Google, they want to make sure that you maintain control of your data. With Nearby Sharing, for example, devices visibility is set to private by default.

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