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Android 14: These phones will get the update

Android 14: These phones will get the update


Android 14 won’t be released until next year, but there are already a few phones that are sure to get the update. Here you can find out if your smartphone is one of them.

What phones will get Android 14 update? We will tell you.

evolution for Android 13 Closed. The new mobile operating system is currently being delivered to the first smartphones and tablets. The Google So it is likely that it will start developing Android 14 soon.

  1. What smartphones will receive the update to Android 14?

    1. xiaomi

    2. The Google

    3. Samsung

    4. Nokia

    5. Lenovo

    6. Motorola

  2. Other manufacturers

According to rumors Internally codenamed “inverted cake”. About innovations, however, is still known. just that new Allow Android to connect directly to satellites Should, Google already revealed.

Even if there is still more than a year until the release of Android 14, there are still some providers who already promise that some smartphones will receive an update.

What smartphones will receive the update to Android 14?

We have compiled the templates for you that are already sure to have Android 14 update.


Consequently Xiaomi Safety Center The following smartphones are scheduled to update to the next Android version except for one.

The Google

Google does not mention any specific update plans for its Pixel mobile phones, but only mentions a period of time for how long they will be provided with updates. As a result, the following phones should receive an update to Android 14.

As well as cell phones that will appear in the fall Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro You will, of course, get the Android 14 update.


Samsung guarantees four major Android updates for some devices. So you can be sure that Android 14 is updated for the following models.


Nokia has already promised to update Android 14 for some smartphones:


Lenovo has new hardware at IFA 2022 Android tablets Foot. The following models are scheduled to receive the Android 14 update:

  • Lenovo P11
  • Lenovo P11 Pro


Lenovo’s Motorola is also promising an Android 14 update for some models – these in particular:

Other manufacturers

In addition to the well-known manufacturers, there are also some smaller service providers that also promise Android 14 update.

Once we know more details about the innovations of Android 14 and other manufacturers have also published the lists of smartphones eligible for updates, we will of course update the article.

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