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Andreas Gabaler cheers for Ekaterina Leonova: 'Let's Dance' star reacts instantly

Andreas Gabaler cheers for Ekaterina Leonova: ‘Let’s Dance’ star reacts instantly

Updated on 07/11/2022 at 16:59

  • Andreas Gaballier is currently single.
  • In an interview he revealed the qualities that the woman of his dreams should have.
  • In particular, he is enthusiastic about the professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova.

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Andreas Gaballier does not have any woman by his side. Asked if he was currently in a relationship, the Austrian singer said in an interview with Spot on News in mid-June: “No, even if I’d like to be accused of something.” Gabale Be ‘happy as is’.

However, in the interview with The new paper from I talked about his dream of a woman. He revealed, “You have to be humorous and humble.” “And you gotta get me. I’m a very social little guy, you gotta get involved with that first.” In addition, Gaballier is an “extroverted person who loves to travel”.

If he could “bake” himself a wife, that would be Ekaterina Leonova“She’s funny, I’d like to dance with her,” said the 37-year-old. The singer was taking Leonova to a desert island: “My guitar, and maybe this particular dancer.” The two have only seen each other “once.”

Andreas Gaballier’s enthusiasm: this is how Ekaterina Leonova reacts

The professional dancer has already responded to these statements. In an interview with Bild newspaper She explained, “Andreas is a likable guy. And if he really wanted to dance with me, you might see each other on the floor.” Referring to the deserted island, she added, “Because dancing on the sand is very difficult…”

Gaballier also commented again: “I love Ekaterina very much,” he told Bild. Professional “Let’s Dance” radiates a “big joy of life”. He likes it “a lot about women”. “If I did the ‘Let’s Dance’ song, I would just dance with it,” he said. He didn’t even seem to be averse to going on a date: “You can think of that. If we have time and you meet somewhere…”

Rumors of love for Andreas Gaballier and Beatrice Egli

There are always rumors of love for Andreas Gabaler – for example Fellow Schlager gave singer Beatrice Egli a kiss on the cheek on her own show at the end of April. Time and time again he farted the sails of these speculations. “Beatrice He’s a really nice fellow, but that’s it, Gaballier explained in an interview with “Das Neue Blatt”. “We’ve known each other for years, but we’re not a couple!”

The Austrian seems to have learned a lot from his failed relationship with broker Silvia Schneider. The two were a married couple from 2013 to 2019. In a new relationship, Gaballier has been “down to work.” “Private life and success at work are a difficult balancing act,” he explained. So it does not surprise him that “many of my colleagues have divorced three times.”

However, for Gaballier, this is “something I would never have wanted. If I dared to take the step, it would be nice if it were forever.” 37 years old “romantic”. “When the time comes, I want to imitate my grandparents and take full care of the family,” the singer said.

Apparently he’s not nervous about it. He explained that he is not currently thinking about his family, to learn about the news. “Everything is going as it should and I’m happy that way now,” said Gaballier.
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