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Andreas and Caro Robins: "Goodbye Germany" - off?

Andreas and Caro Robins: “Goodbye Germany” – off?

“Goodbye Germany” – USA by Andreas, 54, and Caro Robins, 42? VOX has now spread disturbing news with fans of the two-bodybuilding duo.

Andreas and Caro Robins: disturbing news

Andreas and Caro Robbins have been an integral part of the “Goodbye Germany” reality documentary for years. The couple regularly shared their life on the sunny island of Mallorca with the public. Whether at the opening of “Iron Diner” in Palma or at the emotional farewell of their beloved dogs – VOX anchor accompanied the extraordinary couple in all their important steps. But this could be the end!

On the official “Goodbye Germany” Instagram page, the station made a shocking announcement Friday (May 21):

We have been accompanying Andreas and Caro Robbins on their emigration for 6 years and tell their story. During this time, we have always worked together in a spirit of confidence. During this week, we are faced with totally surprising information that casts doubt on a story from Andreas’ past.

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Andreas and Caro Robins: VOX deletes the loop

“Since this story was also discussed in the show, we took the corresponding episodes immediately without being connected to the Internet.”, Stated in the official statement from VOX. But that’s not all: The broadcaster and producer are clearly grappling with the question of whether the couple will still secure a spot in the documentary in the future. “We will carefully check all the information we have from time to time Decide on continuing cooperation. There will be no further filming with Robbins until the final clarification. “

A shocking message to the masses that raises many questions. Because the station is so silent about the exact background. “what is he talking about“Many ignorant followers want to know. “I think it’s stupid to be left completely ignorant now … it looks dramatic …”, One user comments.

Andreas and Caro Robins: Was this story the trigger?

According to a report published by the news site “Online”, Andreas Robbins is said to have lied about a knife attack in the past. A bodybuilder shouldn’t just be a victim. We at verified the following information and received it from Caro Robens:

At the moment we are not allowed to say anything. The statement comes next week.

Let’s hope everything is cleared up and a solution found by then.