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Andrea Kiewel’s Sunday TV Garden guest list

Andrea Kiewel’s Sunday TV Garden guest list

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from: Volker Rennert

After the last “ZDF TV Garden” with first-class stars, the next edition is imminent. The guest list is full, but fans have to do without a lot of hits.

Mainz – In the summer months, the “ZDF TV Park” is an absolute must for many. Every Sunday, moderator Andrea Kiewel (58) invites you to an outdoor live event in the Lerchenberg in Mainz. Schlager fans in particular get their money’s worth every week. However, the list of guests of the show under the theme “Summer Party” next Sunday (July 16) does not promise many successful moments.

“ZDF TV Garden”: Guestlist with a few stars

In the latest issue of “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” on July 9, pop singer Mickie Krause (53) was allowed to moderate alongside his “kiwi”. As if nothing else did, the 53-year-old skillfully directed the two-hour live show. There was a strange scene in the show. With summer temperatures hovering over 30 degrees, background spectator Andrea Kewell put her feet in the water and then wet her summer hat.

The guest list for the ‘Summer Party’ edition has now been posted on the official Instagram page of ‘ZDF TV Garden’. Also present: Juan Daniel, Sophia Martin (27), Marquez Ensemble, the couple “Let’s Dance” Malika Dzumaev (32) and Zulte Sandor Seki (35), Ray Dalton (33), Lunax (21), Oceana (41), Severino Seeger (36) and winner of the “Battle of the Reality Stars” from the 2021 Loona (48).

ZDF tv garden 2023: Logo programs known so far

July 16th: Summer Party

July 30, 2023: Mallorca

August 13, 2023: Schlager Festival

September 03, 2023: A rock in the garden

September 10, 2023: Tiergarten

September 24, 2023: Oktoberfest

TV Garden Cooking Battle: These Stars Dare to Cook

Many celebrities compete in the “Celebrity Cooking Battle”. In addition to TV chef Nilsson Müller (44), showrunner Marijki Amadou (69), Jochen Schrupp (44), Matthias Meister (36) and Ralf Morgenstern (66).

ZDF - TV Garden Mainz.  Andrea Kiewel ZDF - TV Garden entertainment program on July 9, 2023 in Mainz *** ZDF TV
On Sunday (July 16) the “ZDF TV Garden” will be held under the theme “Summer Party”. However, Andrea Kewell rarely receives any popular artists on this edition. © IMAGO / Eventpress Korpak

Watch out: Im August “ZDF TV Garden” will be less visible due to ZDF reprogramming. Sources used: Instagram/TV Garden