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AndaSeat Phantom 3, 160° backrest, larger ergonomics cushion

AndaSeat Phantom 3, 160° backrest, larger ergonomics cushion

Almost flat and with a bigger lumbar cushion: AndaSeat is introducing the Phantom 3 gaming chair. It should be delivered from March.

AndaSeat gaming chair manufacturer has introduced the latest seating furniture. According to the manufacturer, AndaSeat Phantom 3 is much better than its predecessors and provides gamers with more convenience and more features.

The chair seat covers are made of faux leather. AndaSeat calls this «DuraXtra». The black version comes with a carbon pattern on the faux leather, the pink version has a leather look only. The light gray canvas version of the Phantom 3 has a linen cover. This should be attractive primarily because of the fabric’s breathability. AndaSeat writes: “Prevents backs from sweating and straightens them.” On his website.

The completely renewable primary structure of the chair was intended not only for health, but also comfort. The protruding elements are flattened up into the seat cushion to provide “all-day comfort”. Seat cushion measures 53 cm wide and 52 cm deep.

The backrest is 82cm high and 55cm wide and can almost become a flat bed. You can adjust the backrest 160 degrees back. AndaSeat has also expanded the adjustable lumbar support pillow in order to keep your spine as comfortable as possible.

AndaSeat Phantom 3 should be March 2022 at the latest Available Being.