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"...and then he falls asleep at once, and everyone watches"

“…and then he falls asleep at once, and everyone watches”

If you turn a blind eye to the entire world, you don’t have to worry about sarcasm: US President Joe Biden’s 78-year-old power nap at the Glasgow climate summit is causing rancor in Donald Trump.

Joe Biden has a busy schedule these days. The US president traveled first from Washington to Rome for the G20 summit on Sunday and then to Glasgow for the United Nations climate conference.

He describes the event as “the most important annual climate conference in the world.” Trevor Noah at Seiner’s ‘Daily Show’. “But that doesn’t mean it’s also the most exciting conference in the world.”

why? Because his 78-year-old boss closes his eyes during a speech in Glasgow. Soon, the employee interrupts the minute sleep.

Global warming ‘the seventh biggest lie in America’

“I don’t know which is worse,” Trevor Noah says with a laugh. The fact that it is [am Ende] He applauds for a speech he hasn’t heard or the fact that he’s asleep when the man says, “This is the most important problem humanity has ever faced.” “After all, Biden saves energy, and it’s an effective remedy for climate change to be.

Microsleep: Joe Biden on November 1st at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.


While the late-night host takes it all in with humor, the other reacts more venomously. We’re talking about Joe Biden’s predecessor, who insisted on sending an email to American media Let’s see how he interprets these few seconds: Donald Trump shoots “Sleepy Joe,” as he was actually called the Democrat during the election campaign.

“Even Biden couldn’t stand hearing so much about the dizziness of global warming,” Trump wrote. It’s “America’s Seventh Biggest Lie” – Immediately after the 2020 election fraud, Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Impeachment Lie 1, Impeachment Lie 2 and of course that [Mueller-Report]. »

Hatred as a coach is back

Trump continued, “Biden went to Europe and said global warming was a top priority, then he fell asleep at the conference himself and everyone was watching. No one with real enthusiasm and belief in a cause would sleep.”

Former President Donald Trump speaks during a visit to an unfinished section of the border wall with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in Farr, Texas, Wednesday, June 30, 2021 (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Swipe up on Sleepy Joe: Donald Trump in June 2021 in Farr, Texas.

Corner stone

Häme should be understood as a return coach. Biden chose Trump’s previous decision in Glasgow sorryout of the Paris climate agreement. In addition, Virginia’s gubernatorial election is scheduled for Wednesday, which has developed into a test of mood for President Joe Biden’s administration.

While Republicans and two Democratic senators block a massive investment package in the White House, Biden’s approval ratings have fallen. Only 42 percent are satisfied with his work.