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Anak Verhoeven climbs 9a twice in the same day

Anak Verhoeven climbs 9a twice in the same day

Anak Verhoeven is always good at surprising. At Rodelare, the tough Belgian looked for a new personal challenge, found it and made it his day. In the space of a day, I climbed the 9a endurance test piece Cosi se Arete twice – once in daylight, and once with a headlamp.

Since Anak Verhoeven retired from competitive climbing and devoted her full attention to rock climbing, the 27-year-old has been making headlines on a regular basis. Would you like a sample? Anak Verhoeven climbs Jungfrommarathon (9a) near Gimmelwald, hard climbing again: Anak Verhoeven scores Las Meninas L1 (9a/+) or Rocktober: Anak Verhoeven climbs 9a+. She also enjoys taking on personal challenges like the one she recently faced in Rodelare: where she climbed the 50-meter endurance hammer Cosi se Arete (9a) twice in one day.

After memorizing all the details of the route, I had the crazy idea to climb it in the dark using a headlamp! Just to give myself a fun personal challenge.

Anak Verhoeven

Cosi se Arete (9a) To the first: Anak Verhoeven on the impressive overhang of the Piscineta sector in the Rodellar climbing area.

Determined to achieve the goal for the day

Anak Verhoeven managed to score a line 9a 50 meter Cosi se Arete early in the evening. Although she had memorized every detail of the track, the approaching twilight made it more difficult: “It was difficult for me to keep my mind clear and focus on the details of the demo.” But she was very determined and kept climbing until she reached the transformer.

After climbing this impressive line, I thought I might try climbing it in the dark with a headlamp that same evening.

Anak Verhoeven

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So she waited until it was completely dark and climbed onto Cosi se Arete a second time—a great black void beneath her, the beam of light from the headlamp around her head. “When I looked down, I saw the little speck of light from the headlamp reflected in the river. “I felt relieved.”

Cosi se Arete (9a) for the second: Anak Verhoeven prepares for her ascension in complete darkness.
Cosi se Arete (9a) for the second: Anak Verhoeven prepares for her ascension in complete darkness.

In contrast to the climb that had occurred a few hours earlier, she had to move more slowly so that she could accurately see all the reservations and performance. After she passed the first and second turns, nothing stood between her and the transformer except the harsh endurance trains, which she reached shortly after for the second time.

Well, that wasn’t exactly the original plan when I arrived at the rock that day. But what an amazing and spontaneous experience. My crazy idea of ​​climbing 50m 9a in the dark turned out to be actually possible.

Anak Verhoeven

A few days after her double climb, Anak Verhoeven was able to report her next success: with De Battre Mon Coeur s’est Arrêté (9a/+), she managed another difficult line in the Piscineta sector. However, the refreshment we deserved came a little early:

As I was walking across the river to the base of the wall – still mentally climbing – I slipped on a slippery rock and lay in the water with my climbing gear…

Anak Verhoeven

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Credits: Cover image Anak Verhoeven