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An unexpected prophecy of Lilibet’s daughter

An unexpected prophecy of Lilibet’s daughter

Prince Harry and Duchess Megan: “Lilibet will be the most famous person in America”

After little Lilibet was said to have been christened just a few days ago, a Sussex family spokesperson revealed to People, she now officially bears the title of Princess. The official address and place of her residence are what Richard Meynerds says the 1-year-old will one day become. The most famous person Americas Will do. The Sussexes’ neighbor explained on the “A Right Royal” podcast to the newspaper, “Hello!” British: “I can imagine that [Harry und Meghan]When the kids get older, move to L.A. County, maybe Malibu, which Princess Diana was a big fan of.”

he added: “maybe later bel air, center stage a bit as their career developed in Hollywood and they decided to focus on that in the future.” And this is where Lilibet’s fame will be taken to a new level. The expert is sure:

Harry and Meghan are very famousbut when Lilibet comes of age, she will The most famous person in California if not in America He is.