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An Indian monk raises his arm for nearly 50 years

An Indian monk raises his arm for nearly 50 years

Sadhu Amar Bharati has been holding his arm in the air since 1973. The Indian monk shows his admiration for God. He no longer had any feelings in his arms.

The basics in brief

  • Sadhu Amar Bharati turned his life upside down 48 years ago.
  • He decided to follow his religious calling.
  • Since then, the Indian monk has kept his arm in the air to communicate with God.

50 years of arm in the air Methods! How it works, Zigt Sadhu Ammar Bharati.

Lives until the early seventies Indians A perfectly normal life. He worked in a bank and lived with his wife and children. Then Bharati leaves everything behind.

He decided to follow his religious calling and go to the mountains in the north of the country. There he becomes an Indian monk monk who has given up all earthly ties.

Since then, Bharati has dedicated his life to the Hindu deity. Until he can prove his admiration, he decides to keep his arm raised forever.

To Galileo, he explains: “I destroyed a part of myself in order to communicate with God.”

He was in terrible pain for the first two years and his hand had been swollen for months. Then the swelling decreased.

He had now lost all sensation in the right part of his body. He could not move his arm or hand. His arm was now like a part of the corpse he always carried with him.

How long can you hold your arm in the air?