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An important hurdle has been passed: will Lufthansa get the first Boeing 787 in August?

An important hurdle has been passed: will Lufthansa get the first Boeing 787 in August?

Good news for Lufthansa, too: The US aircraft maker is a big step closer to restarting 787 deliveries thanks to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval.

She is progressing. The Federal Aviation Administration has approved Boeing’s plan to fix production problems and resume deliveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This was first reported by Aviation Week magazine. Although the authority and the manufacturer did not make any clear statements, Reuters and Bloomberg news agencies confirmed the magazine’s report from their own sources.

It’s an important step for Boeing to be able to deliver the long-haul aircraft to customers once again. The plan includes procedures for examination and repair of several issues identified by the company in 120,787 to be delivered. In May they had FAA Boeing records still incomplete Criticize.

Could start in August

Although the final plan is only approved now, many problems and solutions have already been agreed upon in recent months. According to Reuters, Boeing will likely start deliveries again as early as August. Bloomberg has even talked about plans to begin deliveries in the second week of August.

Boeing halted deliveries in October 2020 due to production problems. in spring The manufacturer has resumed deliveriesHowever, it was discontinued again shortly due to new production difficulties.

Lufthansa receives D-ABPA first

Moreover Lufthansa is waiting for the Dreamliner. At the beginning of June, the airline announced that «Boeing 787-9 with D-ABPA registration The future name “Berlin” will be handed over to Lufthansa in the summer after approval by the Federal Aviation Administration.”