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An ex-coach now in the German fan club

An ex-coach now in the German fan club

Diana Ganz led the biggest Beatrice Egli fan club in Switzerland for many years. A week ago I broke it. Now she has joined the German fan club.

The basics in brief

  • According to, the biggest Beatrice Egli fan club in Switzerland has been dissolved.
  • Accusation: The singer canceled Swiss concerts in favor of German concerts.
  • Diana Ganz, former head fan, has now joined the German fan club.

Happy ending to Zoff fan club on hit star Beatrice Egli (34)?

A week ago, Egli lost its biggest fan club in Switzerland. reported exclusively.

“We are currently informing the fans of the dissolution of the club,” said head cheerleader Diana Gans. She made it clear that she no longer had the power.

Allegations: Egli has canceled Swiss concerts in order to perform in Germany instead. about in Florian Celebrezen (40). Beatrice Egli cut off contact with increasingly frustrated fans months ago. This was disputed by the management of the Eglis.

Are you in the fan club?

Beatrice Egli: The former fan chief attacked

However, Diana makes it very clear: she is still a fan of the pop singer. “I wish the best for Beatrice,” she explains to

She also wants to support Egli in the future, albeit in a healthy way. That’s why Ganz joined the German Beatrice Egli Pure Joy of Life Fan Club. Only as a member and no longer a fan chief.

The events of the past week have left their mark on complications Mother Leave behind. After her decision to dissolve the Swiss club with more than 3,000 members, Ganz participated Dislikesnewsletter bombed. “I was insulted and attacked,” she says.

Angry Egli fans didn’t even stop in front of their kids. That was too much for her. “It was awful and went wildly below the belt! I had to change something.”

So this week I dared to make a radical new start. Meaning: All of Beatrice Egli’s photos and posters disappear from her wall. Instead, her children are now rejoicing in it. A symbol of the fact that she wants to step down in the future.

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