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An emotional final briefing from Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki

An emotional final briefing from Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki

After 16 months as a spokeswoman for US President Joe Biden, Jen Psaki is leaving the White House. In a final briefing you find touching words.

The basics in brief

  • Jane Psaki served as a White House spokeswoman for 16 months.
  • Now, the 43-year-old is quitting her job and finding the last words.

Farewell, the briefing room at the White House in Washington: Nearly 16 months later speaker from our president Joe Biden Jin Psaki answered reporters’ questions one last time.

“I promised myself he wouldn’t get emotional.” That’s what the 43-year-old said – who else meanwhile to fight her feelings king. Psaki was one of the prominent faces in government Democrat Biden. With former deputy spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre (44), a black woman holds the important position for the first time after Psaki.

Psaki’s departure was already evident in April. She herself did not comment on other career plans. However, according to media reports, she has to switch to the liberal TV station MSNBC. I thanked President Psaki of the United States and First Lady Jill Biden, IYour team and reporters.

“Long live democracy”

“She challenged me, pushed me, debated me, and sometimes we disagreed,” she said. “This is democracy in action.” The Mother Of two small children she thanked her husband.

Psaki went on to say that when she spoke to Biden about her future role after her election victory, it was about “returning integrity, respect, and courtesy to the White House.” Among the speakers is Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump Weekday press conferences have been cancelled.

Trump called the critical media “enemies of the people.” With Psaki, regular press conferences and the respectful treatment of reporters in the briefing room returned.

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