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An eight-day strike is planned at Britain’s biggest container port

Workers at Britain’s biggest container port, Felixstowe, have announced a week-long strike.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • The Union also anticipates the impact on international maritime trade.

More than 1,900 of the 2,500 dockers left between August 21-29, the company said. Labor union Join us on Friday. Therefore, they have demanded a seven percent wage hike. By doing so, they stayed below the ever-increasing rate of inflation, he stressed Labor union outside.

The strike threatens to paralyze the movement of most goods in the UK. However, impacts on international maritime trade are also expected, it was assured Labor union. After all, almost half of all containers arriving in Great Britain are handled at Felixstowe.

Port operator Felixstowe Dock and Railways said it understood “employee concerns due to rising cost of living”. Company management is “seriously seeking a solution that works for all” to prevent a strike. “There has been no strike at the port since 1989 and we are disappointed. Labor union An announcement was made while the talks are ongoing,” the company’s management added.

As it is increasing rapidly inflammation The number of strikes in the UK is increasing, for example Train, Post Office and Telecommunication Company PT. The Bank of England On Thursday, it forecast inflation would rise to 13 percent by October, the highest level since 1980. It was already 9.4 percent in June.

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