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An ecological disaster in the largest saltwater lake in Europe

An ecological disaster in the largest saltwater lake in Europe

Workers clear the beach of Los Orutias of algae. Photo: cornerstone

An ecological disaster in the largest saltwater lake in Europe

Ecological disaster in Europe’s largest saltwater lake: At Mar Menor (“little sea”) in southeastern Spain, about 4.5 tons of dead fish and crabs were taken out of the water within seven days, according to ABC. and other media on Monday, citing the government of the Murcia region. Authorities and environmentalists attribute the mass deaths to the lack of oxygen caused by rising temperatures, as well as pollution.

Murcia’s prime minister, Fernando Lopez Meras, called on Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in a letter on Monday to “convene a meeting immediately” on the inland water crisis, which has plagued environmental problems for years. , must decide. Lopez Meras said that after several incidents in recent years, Mar Menor should be declared a disaster area.

Within seven days, 4.5 tons of dead fish and crabs were removed from the Mar Menor. Photo: cornerstone

Almost two years ago, for example, almost three tons of dead lake dwellers were washed away – mostly small fish and crabs. Mar Menor was once considered a natural and tourist paradise – today you can only see a “green soup” that smells bad.

This is due to the so-called eutrophication – harmful enrichment of nutrients in the water due to human activities. This leads to a significant increase in algae and bacteria, which deprives other plant species, fish, other animals and small organisms of their livelihood. Higher temperatures speed up the eutrophication process. A few days ago there was a heat wave everywhere Spain Murcia brought temperatures well over 40 degrees.

The conservative regional government blames the weather and the left-wing central government, which provides little support. However, environmentalists scoff at the regional government. You don’t do anything about the force Farming In the immediate vicinity of the lake, which is mainly responsible for the problems. Especially when it rains, fresh water and a lot of mud containing fertilizers enter the lake. (sda/dpa)

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