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An Australian kayaker puts a condom on his kayak

An Australian kayaker puts a condom on his kayak

Olympia 2021 not only writes beautiful and tragic stories – but also funny stories. The Australian team demonstrates how to repair an emergency kayak.

This is how you fit a canoe with a condom. – Instagram / thehighlightsclubau

The basics in brief

  • Australia’s Jessica Fox won the gold and bronze medals at the Olympic Games.
  • Before that, she had to struggle with a physical flaw.

This year the boatmeander of women for the first time Olympic specialty. And the premiere makes for a great story right away. Leading Actress: Australian Jessica Fox, who fought for years for the inclusion of this major.

It gets even more annoying when the first Olympic debut is slowed down by physical damage. What to do if your kayak is damaged Australians know what to do.

Condom repair at Olympia 2021

The defective area is first fixed with a mixture of carbon. Installation is required in order for the block to be pressed securely and protected. What can you use for this? Exactly: condoms!

Rubber repair isn’t just fun – it’s effective, too. Jessica Fox (27 years old) attends K1 Bronze Medal. Thanks Lummeltüte!

And it’s even getting better: Fox even won a gold medal in the C1 class! I can’t believe it, I’m so proud to be here today,” said the Australian happily.

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