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An apartment in Germany is prohibited

An apartment in Germany is prohibited

A condominium owned by Michael Wendler will be banned in his homeland. Apparently the pop star didn’t pay his extra costs.

The basics in brief

  • Michael Wendler’s apartment is booked in Germany.
  • The pop singer hasn’t paid the extra costs for years.

Once again Michael Wendler (49) is in a mess! pop star, who lives in the United States, hasn’t paid any extra costs for an apartment in Dinslaken (D) for years. According to Bild newspaper, the apartment will therefore be booked in February. According to the newspaper, the singer’s debts now exceed 4,000 . euro.

Before that, the person who died a few years ago lived Mother von Wendler in the apartment and pay additional costs. Apparently the homeowners tried to send the bill due to Wendler – but were unsuccessful. Michael Wendler was deemed “unfindable”.

He said the following to ‘Bild’: ‘Since it’s mine Mother I wanted to take care of the extra costs, I can’t comment on the claims of the property management.” Subordinate Laura Muller’s Husband (21) As he mentioned his apartment Mother Offer free.

At next year’s foreclosure auction, Wendler’s tax debt of over 1 million is also likely euro in focus. Such as Mother He was still alive, and the tax office had already taken control of the property. So proceeds from the foreclosure auction also go to the tax office.

Wendler is convinced his architecture will do “a great deal”. Consequently the father However, the apartment is barely more than 100,000 euro their value, which is why more real estate will have to be auctioned off.

Do you follow the lives of Michael Wendler and Laura Mueller in the United States?

“Finally my property in Germany is being used to meet the demands of the tax office,” Wendler asserts. Incidentally, his debt is called a “fantasy tax waived”.

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