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An American expert claims: “Swiss nuclear power plants last 80 years!”

American experts claim

“Swiss nuclear power plants last 80 years!”

In the midst of an energy crisis, nuclear power plants are suddenly becoming socially acceptable again. Christine Svenicki, one of the most famous researchers in the field, praises Swiss infrastructure.


The Gösgen nuclear power plant was commissioned in 1979.

The former head of the US nuclear regulator, Christine Svenicki, 56, is recommending longer terms for Swiss nuclear power plants. She considers that a service life of up to 80 years is feasible. In this way, time can be bridged until new core technologies become available, Svinicki says in an interview with “NZZ am Sonntag”. “Your nuclear power plants are almost in their youthful state,” says the expert.

In the United States, many of these plants are still running after they were inspected by regulatory authorities. “We noticed in our investigations that the owners maintained the systems well and updated a lot of technology. And the building materials aged well,” says the former head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Agency, which was replaced in 2021.