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An amateur footballer progresses to St. Gallen Zeidler via SMS!

He is now in St. Gallen in pilot training

Amateur kicker applies to Zeidler via Whatsapp!

In the spring, Loris Mettler (23) played against St. Gallen in the cup, and now he is training with the Premier League team. Because he was looking for a connection to Peter Zeidler.

Don’t ask, don’t get! If you don’t ask, you won’t get anything! The life motto that made Loris Mettler a priority. Instead of continuing to play with Carouge in the Promotion League, the midfielder sends a motivational message via Whatsapp to FCSG coach Peter Zeidler – and is immediately invited to attend a trial session.

“I somehow felt I had to write for him,” Mettler says. Because he got to know Zeidler after the cup quarter-finals and found him very likable and open-minded. And because he did well in the narrow 2-1 defeat.