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An act of sabotage - is Israel behind the attack on a nuclear facility in Iran?  - News

An act of sabotage – is Israel behind the attack on a nuclear facility in Iran? – News


At the weekend, Iranian authorities reported an act of sabotage at the main nuclear facility. Israel stands behind it, according to public radio in Jerusalem.

An accident occurred last July at the underground nuclear facility Natan in the Iranian province of Isfahan. An explosion and fire caused extensive damage. Until then, the regime in Tehran spoke of an act of sabotage. It was supposed to be the handwriting of Israeli intelligence.

Yesterday, Sunday, according to reports from Tehran, part of the power supply at the same facility apparently collapsed. After that, the head of the Iranian nuclear authority said that there were no casualties and no radioactive contamination. What happened again was an act of “nuclear terrorism”. His country reserves the right to take action against the perpetrators. The senior official did not say who meant that.

The cyber attack is said to have occurred

But in Israel, public radio reported that the Israeli Mossad intelligence service was responsible for carrying out a cyber attack on Iran’s most important nuclear facility. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not commented directly. Only in general has he said that the war against Iran’s nuclear armament is an arduous task.

Three years ago, US President Donald Trump pulled out of the international nuclear deal with Iran with diplomatic fanfare. And the imposition of strict new sanctions on Iran, still in effect. In response, Iran began to gradually violate the terms of the agreement.

Biden is open to returning to the deal

Only on Saturday the Iranian leadership introduced new high-performance centrifuges for enriching uranium at the Natan facility. New US President Joe Biden has indicated that he wants to return to the nuclear deal in principle if Iran fulfills its obligations again.

The diplomatic tug of war has begun. Initial consultations with Iranian negotiators began in Vienna last week. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said the sabotage that took place over the weekend was the work of those who wanted to prevent these negotiations from succeeding.