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Americans are angry at him after the UN speech

Americans are angry at him after the UN speech

Prince Harry wanted to show off his speech at the United Nations. Unfortunately, that backfired…

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry faces criticism after his speech at the United Nations.
  • He should not interfere in American politics.

Shoemaker, stick to your post!

One cannot better sum up Prince Harry’s (37) appearance in Ono. Because instead to praise And, admitting, there is now criticism of Royal being no longer active.

American columnist Megan McCain told the Daily Mail of Harry’s performance: “It was a missed opportunity to focus on one of the truly great leaders of all time, Nelson Mandelato be judged.”

Prince Harry’s speech was a ‘homage to this’ man meant to be. But Prince Harry can’t help it.”

During his speech, Prince Harry told everyone he thought America was a mess. Even worse, he would have judged this from his pulpit.

“He doesn’t offer any solutions. He gives a speech and then gets back on his private plane back to his California mansion.”

On the other hand, he formulated it more tightly American Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri performs Harry. “Harry and Meghan once again show how incredibly connected they are when it comes to American politics.”

The politician continued, “Fortunately for the American people, elected officials and judges here decide legal issues. Not the United Nations and certainly not foreign celebrities.”

Did Prince Harry mess with the Americans after his speech at the United Nations?

“The last thing America needs is someone with the title of prince who will lecture us about democracy and the protection of the Constitution.” In his opinion, there will be “better ways for Harry and Meghan to stay connected”.

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