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American soldiers withdrew - American civilians left behind

American soldiers withdrew – American civilians left behind

The United States completed the withdrawal late Monday evening. More than 100 American civilians were left behind. The Taliban celebrate with fireworks.

The basics in brief

  • All American soldiers have left Afghanistan.
  • More than 100 Americans were left behind, unable to make it to the airport.
  • American forces also had to leave some materials behind. But she was disarmed.
  • The Taliban celebrated the withdrawal as a victory and with shots of joy.

06.25: When the US forces withdraw they have many planes and vehicles as well as a missile defense system on top of them airport Disabled by Kabul. In doing so, they want to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Taliban or other Islamist groups.

27 Humvees and 70 MRAP armored vehicles, up to a million dollar Each piece can cost, become unusable. This was stated by the commander of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, General Kenneth McKenzie, on Monday. Vehicles “will never be used by anyone again”.

Likewise, 73 US forces aircraft are “demilitarised” or rendered inoperable, McKenzie said.

04.05: A video on social media shows how many Taliban are doing this airportEnter the site.

distance The United States withdrew all its soldiers It seems that the extremist Islamic fighters have airport under control. A few hours ago, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said they would try airport To open it again ASAP. The goal is to have a few charter flights take off every day so that people can leave the country.

03.05: Major General Chris Donahue is the last US soldier to leave Afghanistan.

The US Central Command posted on Twitter a photo on Tuesday evening that was captured through a night vision device. It shows how the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division of the United Statesarmy Internationally airport He boarded a transport plane in Kabul late on Monday evening. “The last American soldier to leave Afghanistan,” the US Central Command wrote on Twitter.

The United States moves its embassy from Kabul to Doha

02.25: After the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the United States suspended its diplomatic presence in the Hindu Kush until further notice. The Kabul embassy was moved to Doha.

02.10: One Government Under the leadership of the Taliban in Afghanistan should be International legitimacy and support to earn. This is what US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said.

“The Taliban can do it,” Blinken said Monday evening in Washington. To do so, they will have to fulfill their obligations to freely travel and respect fundamental and universal rights Government appearance. Nor are they allowed to give sanctuary to terrorists or take revenge on their opponents.

More than 100 American civilians left behind

01.35: According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, there are still very few Americans in Afghanistan. Blinken told a news conference that the number of those still wanting to flee was “less than 200 and perhaps closer to 100”.

The United States also ended its diplomatic activities in Afghanistan. “In light of the unstable security situation and political situation, this was a wise move,” he added. From Doha one wants to organize consular affairs, but one also wants to manage humanitarian aid.

00.50: our president Joe Biden He thanked his military commanders and participating soldiers after the completion of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Biden said Monday that they completed the “dangerous” withdrawal without further loss of American lives.

The president also praised the large-scale evacuation mission over the past two and a half weeks, in which more than 120,000 people participated. Soldiers on “the largest airlift in the history of the United States” acted with “courage, professionalism and determination” that were “unprecedented.”

Taliban celebrate US withdrawal

23.15: The Taliban celebrates the completion of the withdrawal of US forces.

Senior member writes TwitterWe are writing history again. The United States and the United States occupied Afghanistan for 20 years NATO Tonight is over. Allah is the greatest.”

It is a historic moment. Shots of joy can also be heard in Kabul and fireworks to see.

22.40: The United States has finally pulled out of Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced Monday night.

This also ended the evacuation mission before everyone could be airlifted. According to the Pentagon, some Americans won’t get it in time airport made.

The United States has always said it wants to help the refugees even after they withdraw, but this must be difficult now. Because with the withdrawal of the United States, the Taliban also took control of airport from Kabul. The diplomatic mission continues to enable more Americans and eligible Afghans to leave the country, according to the Pentagon.

A Pentagon spokesman said the withdrawal marked the end of a 20-year mission. More than 2,460 American soldiers and civilians were killed and more than 20,000 wounded. The United States has evacuated more than 80,000 civilians, including 6,000 Americans, in the past few days.

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