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American reinforcements against Asheim III in Baggage

American reinforcements against Asheim III in Baggage

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Airport reception for top TC Topspin players: Rafael Kerndel (left) and Juan Vigil Pancilla. © Private

The men's tennis at TC Topspin Ebersberg-Grafing will have the first match of the Southern League 2 on Sunday from 10am.

Ebersberg – The team of Simon Niebler and Marc Kerndl welcomes TC Aschheim III to the facility in the Ebersberger Waldsportpark. It is a duel of the second against the first, and both are only separated by a group difference.

But it is particularly special from the hosts' point of view: because it is the first time the TCT sextet will play with two of its best regulars from the USA, Rafael Kerndel from Gravingen and Spaniard Juan Vigil Pancilla.

Spaniard Pancilla should serve in the top rotation at least twice

The 22-year-old students study together as “seniors” in their fourth year at Saint Louis University. They live together, play and train there on the university's tennis team. “It's a funny thing. We actually talked about it in January before the team announcement,” explains Topspin team spokesman Mark Kerendl. “Juan is a friend of my brother Ravi and he really wanted to visit him. Then came the idea of ​​combining it with a league match. It makes a lot of sense for us,” says Mark Kerendl happily.

While his brother, as number one, is now a regular part of TCT's senior team until the end of the season, the Spaniard – registered at number two – will likely take to the field at least twice. “Then we'll see what happens next. He also wants to visit his girlfriend in Sweden. But maybe he'll be flown on another mission.”

The first match is an important step towards the Southern League title

Mark Kerendl explains why TC Topspin are happy with the reinforcements after the bitter experience of the previous season: “Last year we narrowly missed out on winning promotion because we had Jan Munich, a later promoted team, in the first round.” The only and decisive defeat with a score of 3:6 points, which cost the championship title and promotion.

On this day the man heuer froh, so Marc Kerndl, dass die ersten beiden Spiele der Medenrunde ohne das nun eingeflogene Top-duo gegen Poing and Markt Schwaben gut and siegreich (je 7:2) überstanden wurden and die harten Brocken ben erst nach der Pfingstpause Come. Just like Aschheim's third team this Sunday. Rafael Kerndel, among others, was missing in 2023, but it's very different now. “It's gone well this year from the moment he got back,” Mark Kerndall says with a laugh. “Raphael also had reinforcements with him.” Due to “imports” from the USA, a summit match must be guaranteed; It is certain that the winner of this confrontation came very close to the championship title.