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America: Obstacles in the hunt for a fugitive killer

America: Obstacles in the hunt for a fugitive killer

A prominent botanical garden in the US state of Pennsylvania has been closed following a reported sighting of a murderer who miraculously escaped from prison. Visitors still in the vast gardens were told to hide where they were.

Police have been searching for days for Danelo Sousa Cavalconte, a 34-year-old Brazilian man who escaped by climbing a wall a week ago from the Chester County Jail. Video from a surveillance camera showing the fleeing areas was recently released.

He climbed back up the wall

The video shows the convicted killer using a narrow passageway between two walls. He tied his hands on one side and his legs on the other and walked backwards against the wall. Then he climbed the barbed wire and finally escaped over the roof. According to officials, an employee in a watch tower did not notice the escape.

Surveillance cameras had already shown the escaped prisoner on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens on Monday evening. Neighbors sometimes reported every suspicious movement. Despite this, the hundreds of officers on duty have so far failed to arrest Cavalconte.

Cavalcante was sentenced to life in prison in August. He killed his ex-girlfriend in 2021 in front of her children.