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AMD: Are Zen 3 CPUs Still With 3D V-Cache in 2021?

AMD: Are Zen 3 CPUs Still With 3D V-Cache in 2021?

Could Zen 3 Enhanced Processors With 3D V-Cache Appear In 2021? And when will Zen 4 follow?

Twitter user Greymon55 wants to know details about the plans at manufacturer AMD. Zen 3 CPUs with 3D V-Cache should debut this year. They are in China

Materials already prepared to start production
It was. So could Zen 3 processors with more cache, already expected for 2022

To appear at the end of 2021
. Even the leaker isn’t sure if this will actually happen. AMD processors, possibly marketed as the Ryzen 6000, are in direct competition with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs. According to Greymon55, gamers in particular can look forward to a performance increase of over 15 percent. The main responsible for this is 3D V-Cache. Instead of a 32MB L3 cache, AMD wants to install an additional 64MB L3 cache on the processors.

As the successor to Zen 3 CPUs optimized with 3D V-Cache, according to the leak, AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs will follow in 2022. For those, 5nm validation is already in progress, as is for upcoming RDNA-3 graphics cards. Sales can be expected to start within 8 months at the earliest and 15 months at the latest. Accordingly, Radeon RX-7000 graphics cards and Ryzen-7000 processors will appear between March and October 2022. However, since the transition to new 5nm production is more complicated, it is likely that the second half of 2022.

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