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Amber Heard's lawyer shot directly at the court and jury after sentencing

Amber Heard’s lawyer shot directly at the court and jury after sentencing

06/03/2022, 10:37 am06/03/2022, 11:30 AM

Ellen Bridhoft represented Amber Heard in a defamation suit against Johnny Depp. Your side has lost the case – Now you shoot In an interview on “Today Show” sharply against the court and jury. It was not fair not to accept all the evidence. The London court considered this evidence, and therefore Dib lost the case there.

But the jury was also unimpressed. The struggle for justice also took place outside the court – in Social media. Here, fans of Johnny Depp would have done everything in their power to “distort the image of Amber Heard.”

Eileen Bredehoft says Amber Heard has good reason to appeal the ruling.Photo: cornerstone

In fact, the jury wouldn’t have had to see all of this. But Bredehoft is convinced: “Of course they saw things and were affected by them.” They are around their families and during the 10-day rest period Discussion on social media Came in contact.

Will Amber Heard appeal the ruling?

With the cameras in court, the session turned into a show “like a zoo.” The lawyer was against the transfer from the start. Because of all these “mistakes,” Bredehoft says, Heard has an absolute right to appeal the ruling.

But at first the actress had to collect more than 10 million dollars. When asked if Heard could raise such a sum, her attorney replied, “Absolutely not.” According to US law, she must first pay the money as security before she can appeal. So keep listening to it Fewer and fewer options. (Leo)

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