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Amazon Kindle Shut Down: These Models Will Be Offline Forever Soon

Amazon Kindle Shut Down: These Models Will Be Offline Forever Soon

In the future, some Kindle devices may have problems. Like Amazon on a specially crafted support page WritesThis is because UMTS is closed. Telekom and Vodafone have already shut down the network. Telefonica plans to close it by the end of the year. A change that also affects all providers among the major telecom service providers. Since some Kindle models do not have another way to access the Internet, problems arise.

More precisely, affected Kindle models will not be able to download new books in the future. Of course, all content that has already been uploaded will be preserved. First and second generation Kindle models are affected as well as the second generation Kindle DX.

Kindle-Off: What Amazon Customers Can Do

All newer devices that also access the network via WLAN continue to operate without restrictions. Here you can easily download new books via home network. However, with these models, you should always download books via WLAN. If you want to upload new content on the go, you can also search the tube. Of course, the first Kindle is relatively old and shouldn’t be very popular. However, there are options for those affected.

For example, you can use Amazon Trade-In to exchange your old Kindle for a new one. Based on your input, Amazon will verify the old device and give you a coupon for a new Kindle. There is also an additional discount for the device.

If you don’t want to get rid of your new Kindle and your old device, we have an article for you here All necessary disposal information.