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Amazon is closing many stores that do not have cash registers in the United States

Amazon is shrinking its network of cashless stores in major US cities. Starting April 1, eight stores are scheduled to close in San Francisco, New York and Seattle. However, the world’s largest online retailer has confirmed that they are sticking to the concept and will continue to operate more than 20 stores. A spokeswoman for the Bloomberg Financial Service said on Friday that Amazon wants to be guided by which sites and functions are particularly popular with customers.

Geekwire previously reported that the group will close four of its “Amazon Go” stores in San Francisco and two each in New York and Seattle. In every city there are several stores of this kind.

Cameras and other sensors in stores record the goods customers take off the shelves. When they leave the store, the purchase is automatically settled. Smaller outlets in inner cities have suffered the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic because many employees are working from home rather than in an office.

The first store under the Amazon Go brand opened in 2018 at the company’s headquarters in Seattle. Amazon is now offering the technology to other retailers as well. In the Whole Foods grocery chain, which was bought for about $14 billion (€13.19 billion), the group keeps cash registers. Amazon actually shut down the bookstores and pop-up sites last year.