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Amazing shot - Photon ring discovered: black hole in action - Wikipedia

Amazing shot – Photon ring discovered: black hole in action – Wikipedia


Researchers from Canada have explained what Einstein had already assumed: if a black hole absorbs matter, a tiny ring of light should also form.

Black holes are voracious and swallow up all the material around them in space – including all light. But the light does not disappear immediately. Einstein predicted that a ring of photons should form around a black hole. A region where all the light particles rotate before they are finally drawn into the hole.

So Researchers led by Avery Broderick of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada have been able to make this photon ring visible for the first time. An image of a black hole from 2019.


The Event Horizon Telescope revealed an image of the supermassive black hole (left). Now researchers are said to have discovered an even more elusive feature of the black hole: the photon ring (right).

EHT Collaboration, A.E. BRODERICK et al. / Structured Journal 22

This only worked thanks to the new software that specifically looked for the loop feature and hid the rest of the image information. “We turned off the headlights to see the fireflies”And the According to astrophysicist Broderick.

However, no one expected the ring to be so brightThe image shocks the world of professionals – and divides them at the same time. Because there are voices doubting the authenticity of the image.